Thursday, April 1, 2010


More simple living tips on how to clean green.  Simple ways to make you self reliant and free from corporate consumer products that destroy the environment.

Ok guys, I have given you two great uses for boiling water, one for laundry and one for drains. Now lets use water in the opposite form – frozen. This next trick definitely qualifies as simple, and it helps you become self reliant because it frees you from hiring outside help, but I am not sure it can be called green. It certainly uses green ingrediants – in fact it can be just pure water. But the term, green, or even simple living is not defined the same by all people. We have variations – some avoid frivolous technology, some do not. One of those questionable items is the garbage disposal. It is definitely, not green as its wastes water and add organic matter to the waste stream instead of the compost pile where it belongs.

But, if you have not given up on this little sin, then here at least is a quick, green way to keep garbage disposals clean, sharp and freshened. Sharp blades mean the disposal will do a better job and use less power. Clean blades mean none of that nasty disposal smell that so often arises. Both clean and sharp blades will make the machine work easier and last longer and that means no visits from the repairman and longer time before you need a new one. Keeping items clean and in good working order is the key to self reliance and freedom from repairmen.

Ok, so what is this trick? Ice cubes, yes simple ice cubes – toss a cup or more of them into the disposal once in a while for instant results. The noise will be horrific, but it is perfectly safe and harmless. Honestly, that’s it. You can add vinegar to the ice for a little extra kick if you wish. Coarse salt added to the ice cubes works too, just be sure to rinse after.

If this simple trick does not get your disposal clean and fresh, then it means only one thing – you are putting too many improper items in the disposal. Hard things like shrimp shells, popcorn kernels, or fibrous things like celery and banana peels. You are also warned not to put things like potato peels, artichokes, even egg shells unless you remove the inner membrane because this tends to get wrapped around the shredder.

Even if you misuse your machine - try my trick, a great lot of ice cubes can scrub away an awful mess. But, if my tip isn’t working, you should take that as a divine sign. Either you should be composting, or you will need a new disposal soon- welcome to the wonderful world of consumerism.

Take the self reliant course.

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