Friday, January 21, 2011

return to the blog

The VIEW FROM SHADOWS END has been long neglected.  Unemployment, crushing concern over the state of our nation and many other factors conspired to drive me away from what was a rewarding endeavor.  Well, most of the concerns remain and many have intensified, but I feel like a return is in order.  This weekend I will restart the blog with weekly posts in the beginning - hopefully rising to twice a week in a short time. 

As before it will concentrate on the simple life, gardens, old fashioned crafts, recipes and some reflections on self sustainability.  Hopefully, my meagre contribution to these subjects will be of some use to more than just myself. 

With best wishes for all, talk to you soon

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  1. I don't know how long it's been since you've taken a look at any comments, but I just found your blog after a Google search about boiling laundry. This came up after a lengthy discussion on a canning group on Facebook. Differing views on the wisdom of using the same pot to do laundry as to boil jars in for canning. I am of the opinion that they are perfectly safe to do, as long as you are washing the pot in between. I am sad to see that you have abandoned your blog, but it looks like I will be returning to read your other posts.


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