Thursday, May 6, 2010


I finally planted my radishes while the moon was waning ( declining from full moon to new) as I was instructed to do by my grandfather ages ago.  I never followed any lunar cycles in planting and have generally been a blessed gardener.  The one glaring exception to that has been root crops.  Year after year, I've planted onions, carrots, leeks and even radishes and been stunningly unsuccessful.  This year I planted with the waning moon and by golly - success.  Today i noticed real live swelling at the base of my leeks and I ate my first home grown french breakfast radish.

The plan is simple: plant above ground producers like pepper during the waxing (rising from new to full moon) phase.  Conversely, you plant below ground producers like radishes during the waning (declining from full moon to new) phase.   Simple, clear and precise - I should have listened to all those old people all these years.

Pappa was right and I finally get to break a decade long drought on root crops.  I love all types of root crops and this will lead me to retry beets and turnips this fall.  Obviously, my sweet little radish is clear proof that higher powers do exist and will work with you if you will work with them.   I am going to set out a bowl of cream for the faeries and see if I cannot get a house brownie to ignore my 23 pound cat.

The debate over diety is resolved.  Praise be to the shining ones and all the spirits of the soil! At least for me - I mean dammit radishes don't just pop out of the ground.  Well, I mean - well you know what I mean.  Go get a farmer's almanac and plan on fine meals of roasted beet and onions in the first cold nights of winter.

Homestead wisdom, or folk tale - it does not matter to me.  All I want is root crops in my home garden.  One cannot be self reliant with lettuce and tomatoes only.  Simple living can mean taking the simple way out and it looks like planting by the moon is the way to go for me.

In faith, from Shadows End


  1. I may have to try this. We've never had much luck with root crops, either, though we've been able to get some carrots big enough to eat a few.

  2. I am mostly being tounge in cheek but I really did try the moon phase and it really did get me my first root crops in years - So Thom, you have 12 acres? I am so jealous.

  3. Ah! Now I know what you were referring to today. Guess I shouldn't EVER skip a day of reading your awesome blog.

  4. I love you -- comments are only way I have of knowing its worthwile doing this



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