Thursday, March 18, 2010

SOAP AS SACHET - SIMPLE LIVING SOLUTION for people to lazy to make their own sachets…

In my previous post I told you how to make great sachets out of socks, stockings and cedar chips. It was a great heirloom skill revived to serves us today. But, I am sure there are those of you out there who cannot yet muster the time and effort to actually pull that off. Really now – it could not get more simple. But, well actually yes it can get more simple. If you are looking for super simple low effort solutions, I have one for you. It is not as good as cedar at repelling bugs and it does not do much to reduce moisture. But, it does a great job of providing a nice smell for your clothing, linen, towels and such.

So what is this even more simple solution? – Scented soaps. That’s right, scented soaps do a great job as sachets when you use them in clothing drawers, linen closets and towel shelves. Here are a few of the great tricks this little bar of soap can do

1) You can find every scent in the world in soap.

2) Top quality scented soaps are common in bargain stores.

3) The bars are small and can be slipped into every nook and cranny imaginable, including shoes. 

4) When actually need soap you just swap out an old one from a drawer and replace it with a new fresh bar next time you go shopping. This is a great way to keep the smells fresh and also ensure you never run out of soap.

5) It allows you to justify buying too much soap whenever you come across a really heavenly smell.

6) No fuss - no muss - no work.  ( You should be ashamed. )

Well, I am not going to spend a lot of time on this post, because it truly is so simple. This idea came from my mom and she still does it today. Her bathroom smells delightful and it changes a little over time as she switches from honeysuckle to lavender to spice. She also tucks tiny rich smelling bars from Paris and big milky ones from New Zealand into all her drawers and I can tell you I have never ever opened a drawer in my mother’s house and not been met by some wonderful smell.

Now mind you, she also uses the stocking and cedar trick. But I would have to say if all you are looking for is smell – soap is a simple living answer to how to get results with basically no work.

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