Friday, January 22, 2010

Hinc Illae Lacrimae- hence these tears - A lesson I learned from my Nanny

Imitation of Eternity

This little thing we call our life
is neither strong nor free
A mere flame flickering in wind
It trembles ceaselessly

And all that we can hope to do
Is use our little light
Before in cold eternal wind
It flickers into night

To shine against the stifling dark
By burning hot and bright
We imitate eternity
By holding back the night

For every lone flame that dies
Another rises up
And for a moment, oh so brief
One light holds back the night

However short our burning time
But this, at least, is true
Lighting the path of those to come
Is the best that we can do

To lift and share our little flame
To grudge not, but to give
Whatever here we have of strength
That yet more flame may live

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